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New Arrivals - New Arrivals
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Here is a constantly changing array of popular and sometimes amazing material
placed on our site at the beginning of each month.

Items listed here are strictly One of a Kind offerings. Enjoy this month's additions!
#14 - 10c (1855) Type II Green
Imperforate Washington Used Single
4 Large Balanced Margins
Rich Warm Color on Fresh Paper
Lovely Circular New York Town Cancel
Stunning High Quality Fault Free Stamp!
A Real Eye Catcher
#15 - 10c (1855) Type III Green
Fabulous Eye Popping Used Single
Imperforate Washington Single
LARGE Balanced Margins
Stunning Detail & Color
Double Grid Cancels
A Great Addition to Any High Quality Collection
2005 P.F. Certificate 422920
#17 - 12c (1851) Gray Black
Lovely 4 Margin Used Single
Imperforate Washington
Light Red Grid Cancel
Clear Detail - Fault Free
A Little Tight at Top Left - Otherwise Nice Margins
PSE Graded at 80 VF
A Lovely 4 Margin Fault Free Single
2005 PSE Certificate 1012731
#17 - 12c (1851) Gray Black
WOW - Amazing Used 4 Margin+ Single
Strong Partial Adjoining at Right
Grid & Town Cancels
Vibrant Color on Bright FRESH Paper
Etched Proof Like Impression
An Extraordinary Fault Free Eye Catcher!
Just Beautiful
#33 - 10c (1857) Type III Green
Perforated Washingto Used Single
Gorgeous Fault Free Stamp
Lovely cds Cancel
Great Centering - Rich Color
A Very Pretty Centered Stamp
#37 - 24c (1860) Gray Lilac
Simply Beautiful Used Single
Brilliant Color & Paper - Fault Free!
Lovely Blue Cancels
Sharp Proof-Like Detail
Full Intact Perfs
A Great Example of This Elusive Used Single
2001 P.F. Certificate 378838
#67 - 5c (1861) Buff
Fabulous Scarce Jefferson Issue
San Francisco Cog & Partial Red Transit Cancels
Simply a BEAUTIFUL Example of This Popular Issue
Margins Clear Around
CHOICE Used Eye Catching Single
2015 P.F. Certificate 526415
#69 - 12c (1861) Black
Spectacular Used Single!
Large Blue Grid Cancel
Simply FABULOUS Eye Appeal
Large Margins - Brilliant Crisp Detail
Radiant Color & Paper
Difficult To Explain - But Just Amazing Appeal!
2010 P.F. Certificate 492201
#70a - 24c (1862) Brown Lilac
San Francisco Cog - Black cds - AND
Partial Red Transit Cancels
WOW - Hard to Believe One Could Be Prettier!
Bright Paper - Rich Color - Sharp Detail
No Other Word - But - GORGEOUS!
1999 P.F. Certificate 335212 (submitted as #70)
#73 - 2c (1863) Black
Stunning Used "Blackjack" Single
PSE Graded XF 90 Used
Very Pretty Stamp with Large Grid Cancel
Bright Paper & Color
Sharp Etched Detail
Great Example of This Very Popular Issue
2012 PSE Certificate 1246427
#76 - 5c (1863) Brown
Lovely - Centered Used Single
Black Circle of Wedges Cancel
Lovly Clear Margin Centering
Sharp Detail - Rich Color
A Veryy Pretty Used Classic!
2009 PSE Certificate 1213310
#134 - 1c (1870) Ultramarine
"H" Grill Used Single
Pretty Stamp - Vibrant Color
Used - Black Cork Cancel
PSE Graded at VF 85 Used
Lovely Centering - Bright Crisp Paper!
2005 PSE Certificate 1009662
#151 - 12c (1870) Dull Violet
Lovely - Centered - Pretty Used Single
Light Cork Cancel
Great Centering - Bright Paper
Wonderful Example of This 19th Century Bank Note
2009 P.F. Certificate 481025
#290 - 10c (1898) Gray Violet
Trans Mississippi Hardships of Emigration
Top Margin Imprint Single
GORGEOUS Never Hinged Single
PSE Graded 85 VF-XF / NH (Conservative)
Sharp Etched Proof-Like Detail
Brilliant Intense Color on Fresh Paper
Great "Bureau" Imprint Position
Fabulous Eye Appeal on Popular Issue
2017 PSE Certificate 1328060
#292 - $1.00 (1898) Trans Mississippi
Famed "Cattle in the Storm" Issue
Undoubtedly the Nation's Greatest Stamp Issue
Wonderfully Centered Used Single
Light cds Cancel
Razor Sharp Etched Detail
Small Paper Thin & Light Crease in Fluid
Still a BEAUTIFUL Example
Of This Highly Sought After Stamp!
#296 - 4c (1901) Deep Red Brown & Black
Pan American Electric Automobile
Bottom Right Corner Margin Single
Inverted "4C" Margin Markings
Simply a FABULOUS Example of This Popular Issue
Proof-Like Etched Detail - Brilliant Colors
Wonderfully Centered on Corner Position
2016 PSE Certificate 1316984
#480 - $5.00 (1917) Light Green
Perf 10 Marshall High Value
Left Margin Arrow Block of 4
Post Office FRESH - Never Hinged
Wonderful Fault Free Position Block
Rich Intense Color - Fresh Paper
Strong Detail - A Very Pretty Block
#541 - 3c (1919) Violet Type II
Perf 11 x 10 Rotary Coil Waste Issue
WOW - Large Balanced Margin Single
Tyically Found Well Off Center
This a CHOICe Well Centered Mint Single
Pristine Never Hinged
Truly Difficult to Find With This Type of Centering
#832h - $1.00 (1938) Red Violet & Black
Wilson Presidential Color Variety
Top Plate #22494 - 24497 Block of 4
Scott Specialized Listed with a Dash for Pricing
SCARCE Easily Identifiable Color Shade Variety
Pristine Never Hinged
First We've Ever Offered!
2017 P.F. Certificate 542583
#1771a - 15c (1979) M. L. King, Jr.
Right Margin Horizontal Pair
Imperforate - Scarce Major Error
Fresh Never Hinged
Datz Catalog States ONLY 10 Existing! Cats at Only $1000.00 - Well Undervalued!
1985 & 2017 P.F. Certificate 542686
#2017a - 20c (1982) Touro Synagogue
Vertical Pair - Imperforate
RARE Seldom Offered Major Error
Datz Catalog States 25 Pair Existing
We Feel There Are Less!
Cert States Finger Prints at Right (gum side)
We Feel This Is Truly an Undeserved Call
While Present - They Are Extremely Trivial
First Pair We Have Offered in Over 20 Years!
2017 P.F. Certificate 542581
Austria #340-53 (1932) Complete Set of 14
Austrian Scenery & Buildings
FRESH Gorgeous Set
Pristine Never Hinged
Nice Centering Throughout
Great Colors on Bright White Paper
A Very Desirable Set
Belgium #B106 - (1931) Prince Leopold
Philatelic Exposition Souvenir Sheet
2.45fr + 55c Carmine
Pristine Never Hinged Sheet
With Typical Pinhole & Corner Exposition Marking
Great Example of This Popular Souvenir Sheet

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