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New Arrivals - New Arrivals
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Here is a constantly changing array of popular and sometimes amazing material
placed on our site at the beginning of each month.

Items listed here are strictly One of a Kind offerings. Enjoy this month's additions!
#1 - 5c (1847) Red Brown?
Horizontal Pair, Used
Submitted as #1b Orange Brown
Not Convinced it is Actually Red Brown
In Any Case - Stunning FRESH Pair
Large to Quite Large Margins Around
Lovely Non-Obtrusive Blue Grid Cancels
Bright Paper - Sharp Detail
A Very Pretty; Eye Appealing Pair!
1979 P.F. Certificate 74984
#9 - 1c (1852) Ty IV Blue
WOW - Stunning Left Margin Vertical Pair
Lovely Eye Catching Pen Cancelled Pair
Trace Adjoinging Stamps at Top & Bottom
Rich Color on Bright Paper
Crisp Detail - Simply Beautiful Pair
2014 PSE Certificate 1283759
#9 - 1c (1852) Ty IV Blue
Gorgeous Horizontal Used Pair +
VERY Conservatively Graded at 85
Large Part Adjoining Stamp at Left
Beautifully Struck Philadelphia Dated Cancel
Pos. 18L1L-19L1L
Just Beautiful
2017 PSE Certificate 1326897
#12 - 5c (1856) Red Brown
Beautiful Sought After Jefferson Imperf
Horizontal Pair - Used
Margins Quite Clear to Quite Large
Rich Vibrant Color on Fresh Paper
Sharp Detail - Lovely New York Town Cancels
Great Example of This Scarce Multiple
2013 PSAG Certificate 564468
#26 - 3c (1857) Dull Red Ty III
Just a Gorgeous Stamp
Clear Margins Around
Post Office FRESH Color - Paper - Detail
Beautiful Well Preserved Example of
This Popular Sought After U.S. Classic!
#37 - 24c (1860) Gray Lilac
Extraordinarily FRESH Pretty Stamp!
Rich Deep Shade on Fresh Paper
Sharp Detail - Great Perforations
Full VERY Lightly Hinged O.G.
2002 PSE Certificate 76348
#70 - 24c (1862) Red Lilac
Fabulous Eye Catching Used Single
P.F. Graded at Only 80
Simply TOO Much Eye Appeal for the Grade!
Intense Bold Shade on Bright Paper
Lovely Large Boston PAID Cancel
A Stamp Anyone Would Be Proud to Own
2014 P.F. Certificate 521735
#232 - 3c (1893) Green
Santa Maria Columbian Issue
Right Margin Imprint Pair
Simply Astounding!
HUGE Margins - Rich Color - Fresh Paper
Amazing Eye Appeal
Pristine Never Hinged
Surely Destined for a Great Collection
2017 P.F. Certificate 544604
#235 - 6c (1893) Purple
Columbus Welcomed at Barcelona
Amazingly FRESH Mint Block of 4
Pristine Never Hinged
Lovely VF Centering
Brilliant Color & Paper - Crisp Detaile
A Very Pretty & Desirable Block
#327 - 10c (1904) Red Brown
High Value Louisiana Purchase Used Single
PSAG Graded 90
WOW - Quite Conservative!
Amazing Eye Appeal in EVERY Way! Great Color - Paper - Centering - Margins!
Beautiful Corner Cancel - Un-Obtrusive
Looking to Build a Great Used Collection?
This Stamp Fits Right In
2017 PSAG Certificate 575239
#329 - 2c (1907) Carmine
Difficult Jamestown Issue Used
WOW - HUGE Margins for Issue
Soft Fresh Color on Well Preserved Paper
Lovely Wavy Line Machine Cancel
PSAG Graded at 90 - (Borders on Jumbo for Issue)
A Tough Stamp to Duplicate
2017 PSAG Certificate 575218
358 - 2c (1909) Carmine on Bluish Paper
Gorgeous FRESH Used Single
Lovely Wavy Line Machine Cancel
Great Large Margins
Brilliant Color on Great Bluish Paper
2017 PSAG Certificate 575221
#400 - 10c (1913) Orange Yellow
Perf 12 Pan Pacific Issue
Fabulous LARGE Margined Mint Single
Brilliant Fiery Color on Fresh Paper
Pristine Never Hinged
Great Example of This Popular Gorgeous Stamp!
#2630d - 29c (1992) Multi-Colored
New York Stock Exchange Issue
Seems the Stock Exchange is Going Crazy!
Color Missing -- Inverted Center Se-Tenant Margin Pair
2 Distinct & DRAMATIC Printing Errors
Attached Side by Side On One AMAZING Topical Issue!
Destined to Be One of the Greatest
Major Error Varieties of All Time
Post Office Fresh Without Fault of Any Kind!
Pristine Never Hinged Full Original Gum
2016 PSE Certificate for Block of 4 - This the Bottom Pair
ONLY 12 Such Pairs Exist!
2016 PSE Certificate 1320079
#C10a - 10c (1928) Dark Blue
Lindbergh Booklet Pane of 3
With Full Intact Tab - Intact
Used on Registered Hotel Cleveland
Rare as Such!
Simply Gorgeous FRESH Well Preserved Cover
Lovely Centering - Great Advertising - Full Tab Cover
Simply the Jackpot for the Specialized Airmail Collector!
#C13-15 (1930) Graf Zeppelins
Fabulous Mint Never Hinged Set
PSE Graded 90-95-95
C13 Conservatively Graded at 90 - Looks Nicer!
Amazingly FRESH - Pristine Never Hinged
Looking for A Great Set of Zepps - Look No Further
2017 PSE Certificates 1328664-65-66
#C14 - $1.30 (1930) Brown
Fabulous FRESH Used Graf Zeppelin
Radiant Rich Color - Sharp Etched Detail
Fabulous Centering - Light Appealing Cancel
Great Example of This Difficult Middle Value
#C15 - $2.60 (1930) Blue
WOW - A Real Looker!
Incredibly FRESH Vibrant Used Single
Radiant Color - Bright White Paper
Completely Fault Free!
Great Example of this High Value Used Zeppelin
Australia #55 - 10sh (1917) Kangaroo
Pale Anilene Pink & Gray
Third Watermark Issue - Gibbons #43b
WOW - Stunning Large Margins Post Office FRESH Mint Single
Full O.G. - Lightly Hinged
Bright Vibrant Fault Free Stamp! Gorgeous
Bermuda #54var - £1 (1918) George V
Upper Right Control #1 Corner Single
Purple & Black on Red Chalky Paper
Stamp Mint Never Hinged
Possible BAREST Trace of LH in Top Margin Only
Scarce - "Break in Scroll" Variety
GORGEOUS Well Centered Sought After Stmp!
Stanley Gibbons #55a
2002 Brandon Certificate 28142
Canada #58 - 15c (1897) Victoria Jubilee
Stunning FRESH Mint Block of 4
Top - LH / Bottom Never Hinged
Lovely Multiple of This Always Popular Issue
Sharp Proof-Like Detail
Great Color - Pretty Block
Canada #65 - $5.00 (1897) Olive Green
Astounding Used High Value Jubilee
PSE Graded 95!
Gorgeous FRESH Centered Stamp
Light, Violet Winnipeg Cancels
Sharp - Great Color - Stunning! 2016 PSE Certificate 1312123
Canada #O241-45 (1938) 4 Hole Punched Officials
Set of 5 - FRESH Never Hinged
Lovely Centering - Great Colors
An Above Average Beautiful Set

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