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New Arrivals - New Arrivals
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Here is a constantly changing array of popular and sometimes amazing material
placed on our site at the beginning of each month.

Items listed here are strictly One of a Kind offerings. Enjoy this month's additions!
#3 - 5c (1875) Brown
Reproduction of First Issue - Gorgeous!
4 Margins with Small Top Position
Brilliant Color - Sharp Detail
Fresh Fault Free Quality
A Great Example of This Popular Issue
No Gum as Issued
#179 - 5c (1875) Blue
WOW - Fabulous Quality Used Single
4 Large Balanced Margins
Brilliant Color & Paper
Sharp Clear Detail - Light Cancel
A Beautiful Example of This Difficult Issue
#232 - 3c (1893) Green
Santa Maria Columbian Issue
Gorgeous FRESH Block of 4
Pristine Never Hinged
Post Office Issued Quality!
Great Color - Paper - Detail
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#315 - 5c (1908) Blue
WOW - Simply SPECTACULAR Mint Block of 4
Pristine Never Hinged
Large Balanced Margins Around
Amazingly Well Preserved CHOICE Block
Horizontal Line Position
Sharp Detail - Bold Rich Color
Surely Among the Choice Quality Blocks Surviving
2015 P.F. Certificate 529307
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#400 - 10c (1913) Orange Yellow
Fabulous Example of This Popular Issue
Barest Trace of Light Hinging
Lovely Centering - GREAT Color!
One of Our Favorite U.S. Issues
Perf 12 Pan Pacific
#400 - 10c (1913 Orange Yellow
Perf 12 Pan Pacific San Francisco
Choice Example of This Gorgeous Issue
Pristine Never Hinged
Rich Fiery Color - Wonderful Centering
Just Beautiful
#429 - 6c (1914) Red Orange
Perf 10 Washington Head
Wonderful Example of This Difficult Issue
FRESH Never Hinged O.G.
Great Centering - PSE Graded 90 NH
Close to Jumbo in Stature
1999 PF Cert & 2008 PSE Graded at 90
#630 - 2c (1926) Carmine Rose
White Plains Souvenir Sheet of 25
WOW - Simply AMAZING Centering
FRESH Never Hinged
Truly a Great Example of This Popular Sheet
Some are Nice - This is Wonderful
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#1330a - 5c (1967) Davy Crockett
Vertical Pair - Horizontally Imperf Between
ONLY 5 Pair Known to Exist!
This a Truly a Perfect Pair!

Amazing Centering - Brilliant Colors
Surely One of the Most Elusive Imperf Errors Existing
Pristine Never Hinged
Fabulous Topical Variety to Boot!
A Rare Opportunity for a Great Addition to Your Collection
2004 P.F. Certificate 407560
#1510var - 10c (1973) Jefferson Memorial
Fabulous Fold-Over Error Variety
Resulting in Horizontal Pair - Vertically Imperf Between
Not Listed as Such in This Format to Date
Crease Through Stamps Due to Fold-Over
First We've Seen or Offered!
Right Click Image for Enlarged Viewing
#1608b - 50c (1975) Betty Lamp
Vertical Pair - Horizontally Imperforate
RARE Undervalued Error
Most with Blind Perfs
This Completely Without Them
Actual Pair Photo-ed in Datz Catalog
ex: Floyd
2001 P.F. Certificate 374837
#1898Ac - 4c (1981) Stagecoach Coil
Scarce Imperf Position Coil Pair
Number & Line Position
#6 Shifted to Top From Slight Shift of Design
FRESH Never Hinged
Great Position Example of this Scarce Transportation Imperf
#1906c - 17c (1981) Electric Auto Coil
Presorted First Class Precancel Variety
RARE Imperforate Plate Number Strip of 6 - #4
Pristine Never Hinged
First We've Seen on the Market in Many Years
A Great Opportunity for the Transportation Collector
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#C14 - $1.30 (1930) Graf Zeppelin
Simply a Fabulous FRESH Used Single
Near Perfect Centering - CHOICE Condition
Great Color - Sharp Detail
A Lovely Addition to a Choice Used Collection
#J57 - 30c (1914) Carmine Lake
WOW - Stunning Scarce Mint Single
Wide Body Margins
With Balanced Top - Bottom Margins as Well
Razor Sharp Proof-Like Detail
Pristine Never Hinged
Full Intact Perf 10 Perforations
Simply a Beautiful CHOICE Stamp
Partial Imprint Margin Position
2000 P.F. Certificate 361383
#R101a - $50.00 (1863) Green
Imperforate Internal Revenue Service
Stunning FRESH Fault Free Example
Of This Very Popular Revenue Issue
Rich Color - Great Margins - Sharp Detail
Just Beautiful
Right Click Image for Enlarged Viewing
#R121 - $1.60 (1871) Blue & Black
Third Issue Revenue
Above Average in Every Way
Lovely Centering - Great Color - Fault Free
Strong Sharp Detail - Wonderful Cancel
A Beautiful Scarce Stamp!
Right Click Image for Enlarged Viewing
#RS120d - 2c (1879) Black on Watermarked Paper
J.E. Hetherington - Tropic Fruit Laxative
Mint O.G with Hinge Remnants
SCARCE Difficult Stamp
Especially in Fault Free Condition
Perfs Clear All Around
Great Example of This Seldom Offered Medicine Issue
2012 P.F. Certificate 508375
#RW26 - $3.00 (1959) Duck Issue
Labrador & Mallard Drake
Lower Right Plate Block of 4
AMAZING Centering!
Pristine Never Hinged - Gorgeous Plate
Brilliant Colors - Sharp Detail
Choice Offering of a Very Popular Plate!
Right Click Image for Enlarged Viewing
#RW60a - $15.00 (1993) Duck Issue
Bottom Margin Mint Single
Engraved Black Color Omitted
Pristine Never Hinged
Great Centering - Fresh, Beautiful Stamp!
"Ghostly Ducks" Resulting
SCARCE Sought After Variety
Right Click Image for Enlarged Viewing
#RW72b - $15.00 (2005) Duck Issue
Hooded Mergansers
Scarce First Mini-Sheet Issue (Signed)
Signed by Stamp Designer Mark Anderson
Signature in Black
Lovely Centering - FRESH Sheet
Pristine Never Hinged
Right Click Image for Enlarged Viewing
Turner #25G - $2.00 Blue
Washington Revenue Die Essay
62mm x 76mm Heavy Gloss Paper
Stunning FRESH Fault Free Essay
"G" Variety with Altered 1/4 in Vertical Line
Just Below the Washington Queue
AMAZING Preserved Quality
A Beautiful Scarce Early Revue Essay
Mind Bending Workmanship!
Right Click Image to See Enlarged Viewing
United States Collection in Scott Album
Mint Singles in Scott Specialty 3 Ring Album

Runs From 1999 thru 2010 in Clear Mounts
Approx. 90% plus Complete
Stunning FRESH Quality Material on Scott Pages
Total Face Value = $767.74
Great Album for Beginning of the 21st Century Material
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