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New Arrivals - New Arrivals
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Here is a constantly changing array of popular and sometimes amazing material
placed on our site at the beginning of each month.

Items listed here are strictly One of a Kind offerings. Enjoy this month's additions!
#1 - 5c (1847) Red Brown
4 Margin Used Single
Interesting Cancel?
Possibly Simple Over=Inking of Grid Cancel?
Small Inconsequential Paper Thin
Lovely Oddly Canceled Used Single
#7 - 1c (1851) Blue
Type II Franklin - Horizontal Pair
Positions 69-70R1E
Right Sheet Margin
Attractive Lighter Blue - Early Plate Usage
Neat Black Grid Cancels
Just Gorgeous!
#13 - 10c (1851) Green
Type I Washington
Stunning CHOICE Quality Used Single
Large Balanced Margins Around
Deep Rich Color - Strong Impression
Large Boston PAID Cancel
Simply a Beautiful Eye Appealing Stamp!
#67 - 5c (1861) Buff
Used Perf 12 Washington
Attractive Large Boston PAID Cancel
Simply Fabulous Eye Appeal
Fault Free Beautiful Example of This Popular Color
Centered to the Left - Still Gorgeous!
1984 & 1990 P.F. Certificates
#191 - 90c (1879) Carmine
Lovely Used Single - Perry
Fresh Color & Impression
Clear Margins All Around
Oval Registry Cancel
Fresh Paper
#295 - 2c (1901) Pan American
Empire State Express
Lovely Never Hinged Block of 4
Rich Color & Sharp Impression
Nicely Centered
A Gorgeous Never Hinged Block
#298 - 8c (1901) Pan American
Canal Locks
Left Margin Mint Single
Pristine Never Hinged
Gorgeous FRESH Stamp!
Fabulous Centering
Rich Color - Strong Impression - Fresh Paper
Just Beautiful
#298 - 8c (1901) Pan American
Canal Locks
Wonderful Mint Block of 4
Pristine Never Hinged
Great Eye Catching Appeal!
Lovely Centering
Rich Color - Strong Impression - Fresh Paper
Just Beautiful
#368 - 2c (1909) Carmine
Lincoln Centenary of Birth
Imperforate Issue
Right Side Imprint/Plate Block of 6
Star & Plate Number 4984
Stunning Fault Free Plate
Original Gum – Never Hinged
Large Balanced Margins Around
#373 - 2c (1909) Hudson Fulton
Right Margin Horizontal Imprint Pair
WOW - Near Perfection!
Pristine Never Hinged
Large Margins Around
Fresh Color - Paper - Impression!
Post Office Fresh Gorgeous Pair
#376 - 3c (1911) Deep Violet
Left Margin Partial Imprint Single
FRESH Never Hinged
Wonderful Centering - Great Stamp!
Brilliant Paper & Color!
Razor Sharp Detailed Impression
#424 - 1c (1914) Green
WOW - Amazing LARGE Mint Single
Post Office Fresh
Great Centering - Color - Impression
Pristine Never Hinged (tiny skip)
Fabulous Stamp
#426 - 3c (1914) Violet
Perf 10 Washington
Brilliant Color on Blazing Bright Paper!
Pristine Never Hinged
Stunning Mint Single
#484 - 3c (1917) Ty II Deep Violet
Vertical Line - Horizontal Used Pair
Large Balanced Margins
Light Cancel at Top
Fabulous Centering - Color - Impression
#493 - 3c (1917) Type I Violet
Horizontal Coil Pair
Pristine Never Hinged
Great Addition to Any Collection
Post Office Fresh
#504 - 5c (1917) Perf 11 Washington
Dark Blue Mint Single
WOW - Large Margins
Fresh Never Hinged
Amazing Bold Rich Color!
Brilliant Bright White Paper
#510 - 10c Perf 11 Franklin
Bottom Margin Mint Single
Pristine Never Hinged
Beautiful Stamp on Yellowish Tinted Paper
Very Pretty!
#536 - 1c (1919) Gray Green
Perf 12-1/2 Offset Printing
Pristine Never Hinged
Lovely Example of This Popular Issue
#538 - 1c (1919) Green
Coil Waste Perf 11 x 10 Issue
Bottom Margin Horizontal Pair
WOW - Fabulous Centering!
Sharp Proof-Like Detail
Pristine Never Hinged
Fabulous FRESH Pair
#568 - 25c (1922) Yellow Green
Niagara Falls Mint Single
Flat Plate Issue
Stunning Stamp - Great Centering!
Bright Color & Paper
Fresh Never Hinged
#571 - $1.00 (1923) Violet Brown
Amazing Mint Block of 4
Near Perfect Centering
Sharp Detail - Wonderful Eye Appeal
Pristine Never Hinged
Great Multiple Example of This Very Popular Issue
Lincoln Memorial Issue
#1455var - 8c (1972) Family Planning
Horizontal Shift of Black Inscriptions
Lower Left Zip Block
8c Shifted Out of Left Stamps
Great Results! - Fresh Never Hinged
#1867var - 39c Grenville Clark
Partial Left Sided Plate Block
HUGE Vertical Perf Shift
Amazing Eye Catching Results
Bottom Stamp Plate Number Into Design
Fresh Never Hinged
Extremely Dramatic Great Americans Variety

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