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New Arrivals - New Arrivals
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Here is a constantly changing array of popular and sometimes amazing material
placed on our site at the beginning of each month.

Items listed here are strictly One of a Kind offerings. Enjoy this month's additions!

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#10X1 - 5c (1846) Gray Black
Providence Postmaster Provisional
Right Sheet Margin Single
XF-Sup OG VERY Lightly Hinged
Magnificent Mint Eye Catching Single
Balanced Margins Around - Sharp Etched Detail
Great Color - Fresh Paper - Truly FRESH VLH O.G.
PSE Graded 95 - Original Gum
2017 PSE Certificate 1327495
#35 - 10c (1859) Green
Type V Washington
Horizontal Bottom Margin Mint Pair
Phenomenal Top Quality Eye Catching Pair
Bright Color - FRESH Paper - Strong Impression
Each Stamp with Wonderful Centering
A Pair for the Quality Conscious Collector!
2014 P.F. Certificate 516805
#35 - 10c (1859) Green Type V Washington Issue
Gorgeous Well Centered Used Single
Sharp Etched Detail - Just Beautiful
Rich Color - Fresh Paper
Lovely Grid Cancel - Great Eye Appeal
#64 - 3c (1861) Pink
WOW - Stunning Well Centered Beautiful Stamp
Used on Piece - With Fancy Cancel
S-E SD-G95 Fancy Grid of Dots, SPARTA Wisconsin
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FABULOUS - RARE Gorgeous Used Piece!
True Eye Popping Pink Shade
2009 P.F. Certificate 481283
#65 - 3c (1861) Rose Washington
Stunning Used Single Bold Sharp Target Cancel
Lovely Centering - Rich Color
A Beautiful Example of This Popular Issue
Stunning Eye Appeal
#73 - 2c (1863) Black
Lovely Used Blackjack with Grid Cancel
Very Nice Centering with Sharp Detail
Fresh Paper - Rich Color
A Very Pretty Example of This Highly Popular Issue
#156 - 1c (1873) Ultramarine Franklin
Stunning Large Margined Used Single
Tied on Piece by Fancy Cancel
Purple Watkins, NY Jan 4, 1878 Star Cancel
Perfectly Struck GORGEOUS Piece
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A Great Addition to ANY Collection!
#217 - 30c (1888) Orange Brown
Simply FABULOUS Mint Single
Razor Sharp Detailed Impression
Vibrant RICH Color - Fresh Paper
Very Lightly Hinged Full O.G.
Wonderful Centering - Just Beautiful
Amazing Eye Appeal - Truly Under Graded (in our opinion)
2017 PSE Certificate 1339651
#219 - 1c (1890) Dull Blue
Post Office FRESH Mint Single
Rich Warm Color on Brilliant White Paper
Pristine Never Hinged O.G.
Lovely Centering - Sharp Detail
#221 - 3c (1890) Purple
Beautiful FRESH Mint Single
F-VF Centering - Clear Margins
Razor Sharp Poof Like Detail
Spectacular Bold Intense Color!
A Well Preserved Pretty Stamp!
#396 - 5c (1913) Blue
Perf 8-1/2 Vertically Washington Coil Single
Strong F-VF Centering
Rich Color - Bright Paper
Lovely Example of This Scarce Issue
#401 - 1c (1914) Green
Perf 10 Pan Pacific Balboa
WOW - Gorgeous NH Mint Single
PSE Graded 95 NH
Large Margins - Full Intact Perfs
Strong Detail - Rich Color - Fresh Paper
Simply a Beautiful High Quality Stamp!
2017 PSE Certificate 1340005
#402 - 2c (1915) Carmine
Perf 10 Pan Pacific Panama Canal
Fabulous Eye Popping Mint Single
PSE Conservatively Graded 90 Never Hinged
Wonderful Centering - Full Intact Perfs
Soft Pretty Shade - Fresh Paper
2017 PSE Certificate 1339899
#438 - 20c (1913) Ultramarine
Perf 10 Wmk 190 Franklin
Lovely FRESH Mint Single
Full Intact Perfs - Attractive Centering
Fresh Never Hinged O.G.
Great Example of This Scarce Perf 10 Issue
#439 - 30c (1914) Orange Red
Perf 10 Wmk 190 Franklin
Gorgeous FRESH Mint Single
Pristine Never Hinged
Eye Popping Radiant Bold Color
Crisp Detail - Brilliant Paper
PSE Graded 90 Never Hinged
Full Intact Perforations - Just Beautiful
A True High Quality Eye Appealing Stamp
2017 PSE Certificate 1339660
#459 - 2c (1914) Carmine
Ty I Washington Horizontal Coil Pair - Imperforate
Stunningly FRESH Mint Pair
Razor Sharp Detail - Great Color & Paper
Lovely Centering
True Post Office FRESH High Quality
2004 P.F. Certificate 418344
#459 - 2c (1914) Carmine
Ty I Washington Horizontal Coil Pair - Imperforate
PSE Graded 98 Never Hinged
Not Sure What More to Hit 100?
Perfect in Every Way - A Beautiful Pair!
2017 PSE Certificate 1339909
#469 - 7c (1916) Black
Perf 10 Unwatermarked Washington
Fabulously FRESH Mint Single
PSE Graded 90 Never Hinged
Proof-Like Etched Detail
Radiant Color - Bright Fresh Paper
Just a Beautiful Mint Single
2017 PSE Certificate 1339931
#472 - 10c (1916) Orange Yellow
Perf 10 Unwatermarked Franklin
Bottom Margin Plate #7204 Single
Pristine Never Hinged O.G.
Centered Just a Tad to the Right
Still - A High Quality GORGEOUS Mint Single
Startling Intense Rich Color on Bright Paper
2017 PSE Certificate 1339296
#511 - 11c (1917) Light Green
Perf 11 Franklin Head
P.F. Graded 98 Never Hinged!
Truly a FABULOUS SUPERB NH Mint Single
Balance Large Margins
Sharp Crisp Detail - Great Color - Great Paper!
Extremely Difficult to Duplicate Kind of Quality
2017 P.F. Certificate 549316
#C2 - 16c (1918) Green
Curtiss Jenny Air Mail Issue
Top Margin Arrow & Plate #8900 Block of 6
AMAZING High Quality Plate Block
We Are Calling This "Barest Trace of Light Hinging"
Many Would Sell This as Never Hinged
It Possibly Is- But - Thinking XXXX Light Hinging in Selvedge Only
Great Centering - Bold Color - Fresh Paper
A Fabulous High Quality Plate - Gorgeous!
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#E3 - 10c (1893) Orange
Special Delivery Messenger Runner
Top Margin Mint Single
Pristine Never Hinged O.G.
WOW - Stunning Quality
Great Margin Position Single - Very Nicely Centered
Rich Vibrant Color - Uncommon for Issue
Fresh Paper - Great Unblemished Gum
A Top Quality Mint Single
#REA10c - 33-1/3c (1867) Ochre Red
1/3 Barrel Beer Stamp Issue Used
Manuscript and Perfin Cancels - Cut to Shape
Brand New 2017 P.F. Certificate 549317
Cert Calls "Small Nick at Bottom"
Right Click Images for Enlarged Viewing We Cannot Find Record of Any Nice Copies on Record
Have Only Seen One Highly Damaged at Auction
Only a Handful of These Existing - Possibly 6 at Most
This Possibly the Finest Extant
A VERY RARE Stunning Quality Stamp
FRESH - True Ochre Red Shade - Rich Paper - Gorgeous
2017 P.F Certificate as Mentioned - 549317

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