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Philatelists are a curious bunch; here you will find various links to interesting & resourceful philatelic sites.

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Authentication Committees

star The Philatelic Foundation
Non-profit, specializes in United States stamps.

star Professional Stamp Experts
Specializes in United States stamps, leading firm for grading.

star Confederate Stamp Alliance
Expertizing arm of the Confederate Stamp Society.

star American Philatelic Society
Expertizing arm of the American Philatelic Society.

star Vincent Graves Greene Foundation
Canada's premier BNA expertizing service.

star Stamp Forgeries
An interesting site for information concerning stamp forgeries of the world




star American Stamp Dealers Association
Main governing body for members of the stamp trade.

star American Philatelic Society
The largest collector's organization in the United States. Their site offers links to hundreds of affiliated specialized collecting organizations, and has schedules for upcoming shows.

star Royal Philatelic Society of London
The oldest philatelic society in the world, founded in 1869.

star Collectors Club of Chicago
A great resource library from one of America's leading collector organizations.

star The Collectors Club of New York
A great philatelic resource from one of America's leading collector organizations.

star Confederate Stamp Alliance
Premier organization for Confederate philately.

star U.S. Philatelic Classics Society
Classics Society, a great resource for research on classic U.S. stamps. Publishes The Chronicle, a quarterly publication.



Libraries and Publications

star National Postal Museum, Smithsonian Institution
The Smithsonian's National Postal Museum website.

star The 1c Franklin Plating Archives
An online depository of images, organized by plate number and position - a valuable resource.

star The British Library
Information about their philatelic collections.

star The American Stamp Dealer & Collector
A magazine published by the American Stamp Dealers Association, filled with great articles.

star Linn's Stamp News
America's leading stamp devoted trade paper.



General Stamp Info & Resources

star The United States Postal Service
The official U.S. Post Office website.

star Scott Publishing Company
The publishers of the Scott Catalogue and many supplies.

star Home Hobbies: Stamp Collecting
Developed through Home Advisor. A great site for beginning collectors. With an
emphasis on Stamp Collecting for kids. Quite an interesting & enjoyable site

star Subway Stamp Company
An online stamp supply dealer offering numerous stamp related items.

star The Virtual Stamp Club
Information about the stamp hobby and various resources.

star Stamp Collecting - by the Smithsonian NPM
A stamp is much more than the physical evidence that postage has been paid.
Stamps can be miniature works of art, treasured keepsakes, and rare collectibles.

star America's 100 Greatest Stamps Janet Klug Don Sundman
youtube video of Maynard Sundman lecture series.

star FDR - Stamp Collector in Chief
Information about the stamp hobby and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

star BBC - Reason to Collect Stamps
An interesting article on the hobby / investment of stamp collecting.

star Collectibles Insurance Company
A company devoted to isuring collectible stamps and more.