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Our April 2017 Grand Prize

Scott# 843 4c (1939) James Madison
Presidential Series - Horizontal Coil Issue
Joint Line Pair - FRESH Never Hinged
Lovely Example of This Popular "Prexie" Printing
Lovely Centering - Rich Color

Allan Knudsen of New Zealand was our March IQ contest winner, answering:

the stamp pictured, was the U.S.'s first "Semi-Postal" issue
with part of it's proceeds helping fund a charitable cause
in this case, breast cancer. The first ever semi-postal stamps
were issued in 1897 by Victoria & New South Wales
in conjunction with the Queen Victoria Jubilee, and were
used to raise funds for "Consumption", today known as Tuberculosis.

The April Question:

Pictured above is a Great Britain Tigger Cat stamp issued
in 2010. Believe it or not, in 1879
there was a country that "employed" a crew of 37 cats to help deliver mail.

Our question is this: What country was crazy enough to attempt this?
AND - for extra credit, what region of the country was it, and was it successful?
Good Luck!


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