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Our June 2017 Grand Prize

Scott# 2115var 22c (1985) Flag & Capitol Coil Pair
Sought After 'Erie Blue' Variety
Post Office FRESH, Never Hinged
Capitol Building in a Bluish Black Shading
Normal Black Ink Capitol Included for Comparison

Norman Gotwetter of California was our May IQ contest winner, answering:

the image shown was on a stamp issued by Latvia.
These stamps were issued in 1918 and were printed on the back side
of leftover German military maps (hence the image shown).
They were used due to a paper shortage - and a surplus of the left over maps.

The June Question:

It was the Best of Times -- It was the Worst of Times!
Pictured above is a strip of U.S. commemorative
issued stamps depicting the famed Simpson family.
There was a strange trivia type question resulting from this issue.
Seems the U.S. government lost $1,000,000.00 plus on this issue.

Our question is this: Why the Best of Times - The Worst of Times?
What happened that would cause such a loss of money?
Good Luck!


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